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Don’t focus at the rumor come forward and Get the Society Dream.Ikram Bukhari


Media City Cooperating housing management is offering membership of MCCHS. Media person from different Media Houses getting there membership from MCCHS Head office. Media City 1 project will be completed after submission of the remains amount in regard of MC-1. Notification/Membership form has been forward to the MCCHS representatives in different Media Houses. While taking to the newsmen, Chairman MCCHS Syed Ikram Bukhari said that we are looking  MCCHS bright future. We are close to our destination. I am hop full to get the targets. I am thanks full to all Media workers to build up trust on us again. Those who spoiled the trust of media workers, disastrous to achieve their targets. I feel proud to stand for the Media workers.Mr Bukhari said, Success is in Media workers hands. We need support to boost up to get the society dream. Now we have experience to fulfill the issues. Media works should visit MCCHS Head office for future queries. Don’t focus at the rumor come forward and Get the Society Dream.


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